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Automated Machine Learning Platform

Our AutoML automates your data science workflow, which includes data joining, treating missing values, training models, tuning parameters, feature engineering and deploying. You not only get access to algorithms built in-house but algorithms curated from open-source libraries such as PyTorch, Keras, Sklearn, XGBoost, h2o and many more.

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Easy to Learn & Use

We've made it simple because we know your pain. Getting started is as easy as collecting data, uploading it, and getting predictions. We've also made integration with existing legacy systems frictionless through our API.

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We provide you with access to GPUs on which you can run advanced algorithms without worrying about the data size and infrastructure cost.

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Focus more on Analysis

mltrons platform automatically goes through tons of combinations of algorithms, data transformation steps, features selection, and tuning paramaters for the perfect machine learning algorithm sutiable entirely for your dataset and predicting variable. Now spend more time on analysis and make better informed decisions.

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Already have an existing system?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Even if you have an existing system in place and switching cost is very high, you can use our API to integrate with your current system with a few lines of code and improve your decision making without worrying about the cost and time

When we say simple,
we mean it.

We've created a standardized process that anyone follow: With four basic steps, you will be able to run advanced alogorithms without any coding expertise and get the results you need.

How it works

With very basic steps, create your own predictive model in minutes.

Define The Problem

Choose whether you want to forecast sales by using historical time series data or uncover the relationships between variables in data to estimate unknown, missing, or future data points or classify your data into a more understandable format

Upload Your Dataset

Choose the file you want to run analysis on. The file could anything from sales transactions data to marketing campaign results.

Choose Predicting Variable

Here you choose which variable do you want to predict or forecast. This may include revenue, housing prices for the next year or stock prices for the upcoming quarter etc.

Evaluate Results

Get your dashboard with the results in tabular form as well as in a graphical form. Evaluate the result using our metrics on the spot or export the results into a csv format to perform more in-depth analysis

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Predictive Modeling Problems

Our web application and API give you easy access to automated, scalable model building and deployment without any knowledge of data science or coding. Now solve complicated problems without relying on any technical and coding expertise.

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Whether it is to predict customer retention rate, forecast future sales, or default rate, you can predict anything with mltrons. No matter you're a demand planner in a fashion company or a stock broker at Wall Street, get accurate results and make better decisions.

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Provide your customers with more accurate and personalized offering based on their needs and implicit intents. This is the fastest way to give your business a boost and build a strong connection with the customer.

Why mltrons AutoML?

AutoML automates the data science workflow, builds better machine learning models in less time, requires less capital investment and allows data scientists/analysts to focus on solving business problems!

Reduced Cost

Instead of spending tons of money of infrastructure and hiring multiple data scientist, equip your current analytics team with mltrons GPU-Powered AutoML and save millions of dollars per year.

Boost Productivity

AutoML increases productivity by automating repetitive takes and by building great models in less time & effort. This enables a data scientist/analyst to focuson more important things and getting more done.

Actionable Analysis

Our AutoML reduces the possibilities of model inaccuracies that may arise due to human errors and bias, thus ensuring that businesses can innovate with confidence and uncover insights that would otherwise have been impossible.

Increase competitiveness

AutoML makes machine learning accessible to organizations of all sizes. It accelerates decisions and increases the company’s ability to adjust to market changes thanks to real-time information and predictions well beyond human ability without investing heavily on resources.


We're proud members of Nvidia Inception Program that selects top AI startups from around the world and also partners of Amazon Web Services Startups through the AWS Activate program.

mltrons ai for everyone
mltrons ai for everyone

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Why choose mltrons?

We are a company of techies and non-techies, who are working together towards a better world: a world where everyone, no matter the role, can easily use advanced technology for better decision making. After all, life improves with good decisions!
Our Values

We believe that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We are motivated and passionate about bringing technology and humanity together: we do what must be down without waiting. After all, we are fueled by passion, courage and curiosity.

We are best at everything we do and we always deliver work of the highest quality. We are constantly improving ourselves, our product, and people around us.

Our purpose is to enable people to make better decisions: decisions with overall positive results for all the stakeholders involved.

mltrons ai for everyone